A Voz das Camaradas

The dress was created by Regina Frank in 2003 (2x7 years ago) re-staging a public walk during the Biennale of Outdoor Sculpture in Darmstadt Germany. This FreeFallDress made from a parachute symbolizes transition and freedom within a well coordinated team. 5 exits or tops with one skirt is symbolic for five elements based on Buddhist philosophy (four elements: earth, fire, water and air with a fifth free element: the absence of all. 
Together they distribute petals of carnations as a symbol for the Portuguese revolution, the first and only peaceful revolution in written history. Famously instead of firing shots, soldiers put carnations in the muzzles of their guns, a courageous act expressing peaceful creative resistance. But the flowers are also symbolic for the fact that it takes  one being (one idea) and its petals (its people) to work. Carnation is contained in the word Reincarnation, a process of being reborn into several forms of life. In Portuguese the word cravo  (the word for clove or carnation but also for the musical instrument spinet) is contained in escravo, (slave) and is an interesting choice for a flower symbolizing freedom. The red carnation is used for the feminist movement in Germany and on women’s day it symbolizes equal rights and women’s liberation since the 19.03.1911. It is also a symbol of the labor movement since 1889 in Germany and France, a secret sign to state solidarity with the socialist party and their goals such as 8 hour workday  and other essential work rights that today are regulated by law.
Regina Frank who used to work under the motto The Artist is Present from 1989 until 2017 changed her title toward The Heart is Present and the Art is Present after Marina Abramoviç used “The Artist is Present” at the MOMA.