The HeArt is Present

Data accumulates everywhere in everything, precious little of it is understood or recorded. This is by no means simply the X’s and O’s of the Internet, though it is that too. Data lodges in the pearls hand-sewn on a dress by a woman in Indonesia paid just 20 cents an hour. It illuminates a solar-powered string of lights. It feeds the mysterious organic growth of mushrooms. It determines the geographical pattern of recent global disasters. Regina Frank takes this information and wears it on her sleeve, or rather on her entire body and beyond, in the shape of immense circular dresses that spread out around her sculptural torso, active with the labor of stitching, transcribing, brushing, eating or kneading, depending on the performance. None of this data is unknown or inaccessible, but amid the escalating onslaught of political, ethical, geological and climatological information that comprises our universe, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember just how real and present are its effects. Draped on her own insistently present body, Regina Frank’s dresses make this palpably visible.  Lori Waxman for dOCUMENTA (13)