(2011-2018, MapArt during the Venice Biennale, Venice, 2012 Rapid Pulse Festival, Chicago, Haus der Künstler, Munich, 2013 Infraction Venezia, Venice Biennale, Helsinki, Séte and Guangzhou Live4,  London Art Fair, 2018 MAAT, Museum of Art Architecture and Technology Lisbon)

iLAND tapestry is featuring landscapes that reflect the most important environmental issues. In the center, a 3D printed sculpture, made from
biodegradable eco friendly plastic, produced from corn with the support of 3Dlife. Leaving the sculpture without the usual finishing the printing process becomes evident like a body landscape in sediment layered stone juxtaposing the soft cotton textile.

iLAND In Sickness in Health

The HeArt is Present