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iLAND SilentScience (em Portuguese)

How would you care if the world was an island and you were forced to stay on it?​
Pavilhão de Conhecimento Science Museum: 11.01.- 22.01.2020
Lanche/Partilha 12.01.2020 16:00

Regina Frank creates an installation entitled iLAND SilentScience with the two iLAND sculptures and tapestries, inspired by her previous art works at the MAAT, the MUHNAC and the Websummit and her public performances around the world, including China, Japan, USA and Europe in the past seven years. Frank is featuring the most pressing environmental issues and possible solutions as well as our contributions.
Through QR codes the viewer can learn about the environmental background information and the artist’s comprehensive research in the field; one can find suggestions for changes in our own behaviour and how each of us plays a valuable role in achieving change. 
The installation is an incentive for a vibrant discussion and exchange. During daily workshops Frank will speak with the visitors about the issues, providing hands-on tips and tools, encouraging participants to learn about possible contributions to a more sustainable life. People are invited to rethink and discover new strategies together and are encouraged to enrich with their own ideas. 

For the "Sharing"  on the 12th, ALIANÇA ANIMAL   is gathering  Desafio Vegetariano, o Projecto Escola Vegana, a Loja Vegan Pistácio and Evergreen vegan wine from PARRAS WINES,  to present a buffet inspired by the traditional Portuguese food translated into delicious healthy vegan versions .