Mother Mandala​ (Deutsch)

Sunday, 9.08. 15:00H Forest Art Path, Darmstadt
»PTS Pandemic/Mother Mandala« 
Saturday, 15.08. 16:00H Opening 10. Forest Art Path
»Mother Mandala« Performance von Regina Frank
Sunday, 16.08. 17:00H »Mother Mandala« Artist Talk 

The first layer of the mandala consists of donated, colored clothes, which are enriched with personal stories and small treasures from the forest. The digital form of the art project on the Internet makes. Ultimately, each segment is linked to the history of the garments, their previous owner and their contemporary history. Mother Mandala celebrates the origin and the connection to nature and its healing powers, as well as complex connections in the Mandala, on the Internet and the underground "communication networks" in the forest through mushrooms and roots. In Mother Mandala the pieces and their history are symbolically honored. It is also an investigative journey into the spheres of the Hindu Mandala, the Christian Rosette, the Maya Tzolk'in and the Persian Shamseh. (Read the Stories here)

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