The Art Ist Present
Perve Galeria, Lisbon Portugal

 22.11.2016 - 02.01.2017

This anthological exhibition curated by Carlos Cabral Nunes features 30 years of Regina's work including world traveled installations, such as iLAND and for the first time since 1994 collection Moral and Tautologique, performed by different performers other than Regina Frank. A comprehensive catalog is being published by Perve Galeria. Besides the installations that are full of details and poetic references to literature, politics and environmental issues,  there is also a video-shining light on Regina's performance process. Numerous drawings in various elaborate techniques are being shown which give a deep impression into Regina Frank's process. (Images by Antonio Pedro Ferreira, Carlos Cabral Nunes, Nelson Chantre, Nicoló Scontrino and Regina Frank)

The HeArt is Present