Saturday, 8.08.2020 22:00H

PTS Pandemic Performances @

LEW1 Digital City  (Ludwig-Engel-Weg 1)/ Internet live:

COVID-19 and nature.

​Sunday, 9.08.2020 15:00H 
Performance in the forest next to the emerging mandala. Kick-off and inspiration for Mother Mandala, women power, COVID-19 environmental issues and cultural differences.

IWZ International Forest Art Path

Monday, 27.07.2020, 22:00H

Film screening

»The HeArt is Present«. 30 years of performance by Regina Frank (including many works for »Waldkunst« and »Vogelfrei« in Darmstadt, for the New Museum, New York 1993 to the WebSummit and Science Museum 2020, the film gives an insight into the thought process of the individual works of art. Film 37 Minutes 37 seconds.
Subsequent discussion.

The HeArt is Present

Tuesday, 4.08.2020, 19:00H

Digital opening »SEM LIMITES: The Digital ditches the Darkness. Art and COVID-19 «52 artworks by Portuguese artists curated by Regina Frank. Artists tell about their process. Live event on Facebook​. SOS ARTE PT  the largest Portuguese Artist organisation in response to COVID-19 with more than 600 artists and cultural professionals and 3000 Facebook Followers.
In English. Duration about 120 min

Saturday, 15.08. 16:00H

Opening of the 10. International Forest Art Path »Mother Mandala« Performance by Regina Frank

Sunday, 16.08. 17:00H

Artist talk with Regina Frank, Next to »Mother Mandala« in the forest on the spheres of influence of the Hindu mandala, the Christian rosette, the Maya Tzolk'in and the Persian Shamseh. In German or English, depending on preference of the audience.