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The Digit ditches the Darkness (auf Deutsch)​

Tuesday, 4.08.2020, 19H Online Opening of "The Digit ditches the Darkness". Art and COVID-19 is a selection of 53 Artworks by 53 portuguese artists curated by Regina Frank. Artists speak about their process and experience during lockdown. Live on Facebook

SEM LIMITES (No Limit) is an on-line exhibition with more than 300 works by 118 artist. There were five curatorial versions or choices by António Cerveira Pinto, Maria de Fátima Lambert, Margarida Sardinha, Nuno Sacramento and Regina Frank as the end of the digital version of the show with half of the artists and works created in 2020 in the light of COVID-19. 

SOS ARTE PT  is an organisation founded during the lockdown. Within a few weeks we already had more than 600 members and many of our interventions reached more than 9000 visitors and 3,000 Facebook page followers. Our goal is to promote the interaction between artists and art experts in order to improve the precarious situation for artists due to the worldwide state of emergency. To this end, several initiatives have been developed: a help desk to help with applications, studio grants, online discussions for professional clarification in the field of visual arts and an exhibition "Sem Limites" to promote direct sales without agency fees.  We all work pro bono and with great enthusiasm. The analog exhibition will travel to Porto to MAIA Forum for the Arts and more locations. 
Regina Frank's digital catalog will be the published Facebook posts, with contributions and comments from the artists. Ideally, a democratic exchange of works develops here by the artists of SOS ARTE PT posting their own works inspired by the quotes and works. More examples daily at SOS ARTE PT. Here is the text by Regina Frank: The Digit ditches the Darkness.