The HeArt is Present


Present is the moment. PRESENT is being, existing, or occurring at this time or now. We can present something. Present comes from latin pre-esse, be before. That which has always been, before, now and after.  A present is also a gift. When we truly come to the present it is our greatest gift.


The 3rd person is that someone outside of ourselves and within us. She is present. He is present. It is present. Is doesn't change unless we speak about the past or the future. In reality all of this is illusion. In reality there is only the moment. There is only IS and Only love is real. This means The Heart is Present. Heart is He and Art. Art is serving the one.


The Art instead of the Artist strives to transcend the personal. The person is just a pointer to the moon,  let's look at the moon again. Let's listen to the silence. Experience it. And yes Art is a pointer to the One.


The is the most frequently used word in English text. We use this definite article
a) because there is only one:
b) because there is only one in that place or in those surroundings.
I use THE as the beginning word of this title because all is one.

„I“ makes less and less sense, the more we become one. IT IS THAT - That's it. IT because it is neither she nor he: it is IT, neutral like a baby and MAN and WO-MAN as one.

In this space „the other artist“ does not even make sense, as also she and I are one. Form and formlessness. We are ready for that next step, where also this last illusion of the I crumbles. 

In the last few years iLand has been a continuous project, where public meditations, and public medi-dating were constant elements in the art that came through the artist. This site is for sharing regardless of space or time. Here I will publish a series of unpublished performances that I have been creating, with the longest of them lasting 21 years.

The Artist Is Present. 


In German IST means being or IS or existence, it stands for English IS. IST is the 3rd person singular present indicative of be. In Portuguese IST could be translated with either ESTAR if the being is impermanent or SER if it is permanent.

As the Artist continues to be present within me, deeper and deeper, the drop of the IST is like a drop into the ocean, the drop of water unidentified as separate identity with the water. The dropping of the ist from the Artist means that the Artist (her)self becomes Art. This symbolically stands for one of the most essential transformations in life, becoming more and more impersonal, taking life less personally. 

Now, today on 15.02.2015, I am ready to drop this title in favor of the more impersonal title:

The Art Is Present. 

28 years ago was the start of this project  

When this title was taken over for a performance at MOMA it brought me into a new sphere of existence. What could be seen as theft became a gift. This site and the Art connected with it shall be your gift. 

The Artist is Present was always a space to share. Share text 1994-1998, food 1997-2007, and later silence 2002-Now. Sharing Silence was a very powerful experience and this project